PTC laid the cornerstone for vibration technology in their founding year of 1928 with the invention of the poker vibrator.

In 1958, PTC developed the first vibrodriver.  In 1982, PTC revolutionized the vibrodriver industry with the introduction of High Frequency vibrodrivers. In 1992 PTC invented and patented the High Frequency vibrodriver with hydraulically controlled variable eccentricity, also called HFV, which allows the contractor to work in sensitive environment without transmitting vibrations.
A key development, the patented High Frequency vibrator with hydraulically controlled Variable eccentricity (HFV) system distinguishes itself through its ability to start up and stop without any vibration.

Download PTC HFV Specifications

With amplitude control, the vibrations transmitted to the environment are reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the damaging vibrations transmitted to crane booms are eliminated, allowing contractors to work with telescopic booms on mobile cranes.

These models exceed the new international norms for limiting noise and vibration emissions, enabling operation in sensitive areas like in city centers, near historical buildings or close to buildings housing delicate equipment.

The exclusive advantages of variable amplitude vibrators:

• Resonance free start up and stop down;

• Reduced noise level;

• Rreduced vibrations transmitted towards the ground;

• Adapting the amplitude to the ground;

• Use and pre-setting in "delicate driving" mode.        










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