CONMACO was founded in 1907. The company's operations consist of the sale and rental of new and used construction and industrial equipment, including cranes, winches, foundation equipment and complementary parts and merchandise to a wide variety of construction and industrial customers. The Company is an authorized dealer of new equipment on behalf of several nationally known equipment manufacturers including American Crane. 

Conmaco also caters to the marine and offshore industry as the distributor of AMCON Winches, Conmaco Jet Pumps, specialty pipe and pile cutting equipment and various pieces of deck machinery. Conmaco also maintains a major presence in the foundation industry.  As a manufacturer of Conmaco air / steam pile driving hammers and a representative of HPSI, Berminghammer, PTC, Cast Nylon and others, Conmaco can satisfy our clients both "above and below the hook". In addition, Conmaco provides ongoing maintenance and repair services for the equipment it sells and rents.

1602 Engineers Road.
Belle Chasse, LA 70037

Ph: 504.394.7330
Fax: 504.393.8715