Tension Indicators & Deck Equipment

Our new line of Tensiometers offers tension, payout and speed monitoring for any winching or hoisting application.  Direct Sunlight Readable Display units provide easy to read data in all types of lighting conditions.  Systems for wire rope sizes up to 3 inch in diameter are in stock and immediately available for sale or rent.

  • Tension
  • Payout
  • Speed
  • Deck Equipment

Load sensing pins are also available for installation in sheave boxes, fairleads and shackles for monitoring loads of any size.

CONMACO also maintains a large fleet of Deck Equipment, such as Fairleads, Deck Guide Sheaves, Fleeting Sheaves and Levelwinds.  Load sensing pins can be provided to accommodate your specific needs. 

Sheaves grooved for 1 inch to 2-1/2 inch wire rope are maintained in our large rental inventory, with additional sizes available upon request.


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